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July 2017 : Second edition of the Frontball Academy Games

It was in Biarritz, this year again, that 32 young frontball players from our different Frontball Academies got together for a week of fun and games. Accompanied by their coaches, they came from France (Montgeron, Tarbes, Saint Lon les Mines and the Basque country), Argentina, South Africa, Palestine and Spain. This year we were delighted to be able to form a strong women’s team: 11 girls were present; 3 South Africans, 2 Spanish, 3 French from Montgeron, 2 from Tarbes and one young girl from the Basque country! A great group that proved to us that young women definitely have their place in Frontball.

This week was for all (adults as well as the younger) an opportunity to meet, share, have fun, live together and not to forget, to compete!

Getting together : Each participant was able to confront new players, new game styles, get out of his “sporting comfort zone”, enabling him to question himself on his own game style. The objective of the week was clearly to progress, to surpass oneself and to let go.


Sharing : Everyone shared their different ways of practicing Frontball, their tips for warm-up methods, of playing, and beyond Frontball, their culture, daily life, up to culinary habits!


Having fun: “Who’s this group of young people who speak all the languages and who seem to enjoy so much?” wondered a vacationer on Saint-Jean-de-Luz beach? This is Frontball spirit. An inclusive sport!

Living together : Ey do not all speak the same language, but they can and did communicate! Through sports, through the games ……in the course of the days, they got to know each other and respect one another.


Competing against one another : The youngsters, not forgetting why they were here, were finally able to compete in the final tournament on Saturday, July 8th.

They had reserved us with many great surprises. The levels of their game had progressed over the week, the young players had gained in confidence. The desire to win was present and they offered us great games!


After this memorable week, everyone went back home, their hearts loaded with emotion but especially unforgettable memories.

T’s hope that these young people are the new Frontball ambassadors in their county, in their cities …. and that they will give others the desire to play and share the values of Frontball!

Some pictures of the week
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